Saturday, 30 April 2011

Icky Thoughts Please Go Away.

So I wish I could start this entry with TGIF but it's been one of those days.  Nothing too crazy or exciting...but enough to render my somewhat paranoid nature into over-thinking mode.  It started off okay.  Get kids up and ready for school.  They were in good spirits and C2-who was a challenge to get to school in the mornings because she didn't like going to school (she's a bit of the shy type and the beginning of JK was quite a tear jerker for her)-was up before her sister and raring to go.  It was "Prince and Princess Day" at her school today in light of the events happening across the pond in jolly ol' England (I hear someone is getting married over there ;)) so she was quite stoked to get to go to school dressed as a princess.  Donned in a fancy red dress (it was actually a real dress not a costume) she couldn't get to school fast enough.  We just missed the "kiss" on the balcony as we had to leave at 8:20am to get her to school on time.  I packed all three girlies in the van and dropped C2 off at school and then headed to C1's school (they go to different schools as C1 is in french immersion only offered in a specific school in our town).  I dropped her off with C3 in the baby bucket crying up a storm as we walked from the van parked on the side of the road to the back of the school.  At least it wasn't raining...yet.  The grey skies definitely were threatening to do so.  I stopped at the Timmy's on my way home and when I pulled into my driveway I noticed my next door neighbor bailing broken glass out of his back seat...of BOTH cars that were parked in this driveway.  Apparently both his cars were vandalized last night.  The back windows were shattered but nothing was taken.  Yikes!  This is awfully close to home!  Ironically I went to get groceries last night at around midnight at the 24 hour Metro up the street from me.  I was feeling a little nervous being out by myself that late at night (I've been conditioned by my parents and several unfortunate experiences to be extremely paranoid in these situations).  My hubby was leaving really early for work the next day and thus couldn't make the trip and I really needed something to make my girls lunches (its times like this when I get really upset that peanut butter isn't allowed in schools).  There was a strange man who gave me the creeps that was leaving the store as I was getting out of my car.  He smiled at me in a weird way as he lit a cigarette and said, "Nice car," a couple times as he leered and walked past.  When I got home I told my hubby about the anxiety of the outing and he answered, "this is a quiet, small town, what's going to happen?" HA! People breaking into cars in the middle of the night that's what can happen! I felt really bad for them.  I've had my share of car break-ins in my lifetime.  Three to be exact...and that doesn't include the time when the decorative "Acura" cap was removed from all 4 rims in the parking lot of a mall I once worked at (they were $80 each to replace!).  You feel so violated and isolated and hurt.  I guess the 'it could be worse' adage is applicable here but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow.  Like I said...I feel sorry for them...and a little worried that I could be next...I just seem to have that kind of luck.  In my past I've been stalked (a couple times by different people), followed home in the middle of the night by complete strangers who actually knocked on my door after I ran inside, and had a restraining order put on someone.  I guess I really could be considered lucky considering how much worse it could've been.  I look at my three girls and think about all the horrible things that could happen to them because of messed up people in this world.  Makes me want to put GPS implants into their heads...not that that would help them in most unspeakable situations.  Ugh...I need to get out of this mindset.  I think all this rain is wreaking havoc on my spirits.  I am in serious need of some sunshine!  These will help!

My BFF and I frolicking in our wedding dresses 2 years after my wedding and a couple months after hers.
My Sister, She Rocks!

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  1. Don't worry hon it's probably just an isolated thing! And if you need anything I'm just a call away! Love ya!



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