Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jumpstart on Spring

Hey Everyone!

Snow again today!  Enough to blanket the ground but really I'm not surprised.  It ALWAYS snows around my birthday (April 21) so having snow today isn't so bad.  At least I don't have to commute in it anymore.  That's a definite plus.  What does bug me a bit is that the local ski hill has already closed their doors for the season.  Booo!  Can't make the most of this snowy goodness.
Anyways, here is a little something my 6 year old daughter made this weekend for a birthday party she went to.  She was sooooo excited to dive into my stash of Greeting Farm stamps and she couldn't decide which one she wanted to put on the card so she put as many as she could make fit (and had time to colour).  Believe it or not she actually made this card all by herself!  She worked so hard and had tonnes of fun!  I helped with getting the supplies out but she coloured, stamped, embossed (okay so I helped with the heat gun), cut and rolled through the Cuttlebug all on her own.  Not to mention cleaned up afterward!  That was the best part!

I'd like to enter this in this week's The Greeting Farm's Double Take Tuesday Challenge: Flowers.  Definitely no flowers on the ground in these parts but hopefully this will put a jumpstart on the process!

Stay Warm everyone!   Thanks for dropping by!


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  1. Very sweet! Love all of the images!! Thanks for joining the TGF challenge!!


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