Saturday, 14 May 2011

Look What the Stork Brought in Challenge

So friends of mine from church had a baby girl last week!  They named her Sadie.  They already have two 11 year old twins.  This new one is a bit of an oopsy but still very welcomed and loved!  Their faces on Sunday were tired looking.  At that point Sadie was 5 days old and crying every night.  I remember those days.  My new little one had a bit of a mix up when it came to the days and nights but on the whole, she is a great eater and and great sleeper.  Especially now being almost 3.5 months old and sleeping up to 6 hours at night.  A couple times this week I actually had to wake her up after 6 hours in the middle of the night to make sure she was fed.  Having said that, this weeks challenge at Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog ( is "Look What the Stork Brought In".  I made a card to welcome the new baby and congratulate the family which I hope could land me some free stuff at  Here's the card.  The stamps are from a Darcie's Clear Stamp Set called, "On the Line".  The butterflies are a Martha Stewart Crafts classic butterfly punch.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Stumped on a Title...Please Help.

So I started this layout based on a sketch I got on the Sketchabilities blog (Sketchabilities-Sketch#10).  The stars made me think of C1 in these pictures.  I used paper from a DCWV paper pad called "The Music Stack".  As I got to putting it all together I was stumped on a title for this layout.  I still am.  So I'm putting it out there in hopes that someone in blogland could help me out and come up with a good title. 
I'm looking for something not too long (preferably no more than 5 words) and possibly sweet and witty.  If you need some context on the pictures, here's the story:

We were on a family vacation in Florida in Jan 2010.  While we were swimming in the outdoor hotel pool some people were setting up some sound equipment on the nearby patio was Karaoke Night!  C1 and C2 asked inquisitively what exactly Karaoke Night was and hubby and I explained.  C1 immediately exclaimed "I wanna do that!"  I was quite excited that she was so interested.  I asked her which song she wanted to do and she said "...that Taylor Swift one."  I figured it was either "Our Song" or "You Belong With Me" as she often sang these in the car when I played them and she sang them quite good.  When I went up to the stage area to sign her up she said she wanted to sing the song from the Hanna Montana movie.  That song was "Crazier" and I was positive she wouldn't know all the words to it as she just got the move for Christmas 2009 and had only seen it once.  After trying to several times to change her mind about the song choice to no avail,  she was signed up.  When her time came she was sooooo excited.  She took the mic, and swayed through the introduction and when the words showed up on the screen she realized she really didn't know this song that well.  I attempted to whisper the words to her as they came up and she managed to follow along quite melodically.  She actually knew the chorus part without any help.  When the song was over she smiled so proudly and the whole poolside audience clapped and cheered loudly for her.  She did good...even with the little lyrical setback.  I was very proud of her for trying out new things like this making an attempt at finding her voice.  I look forward to many more attempts in the future!

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Late Night Delirium and some Fuel for it!

So I can't sleep.  Late night feedings are a challenge.  But I'm up and surfing the web, checking Facebook and laughing myself silly at a posting I put on my BFF's wall the other day.
I meant to write "things" not "thongs".  Sooooo funny.  I tend to do this quite often.  Whether it be an actual typo or an autocorrect feature,  I find myself writing some unintentional, usually inappropriate but absolutely hilarious things to people.  Most of them I catch before incriminating myself but the odd one has managed to squeak by my vigorous proofread (above case in point).  Luckily, these have gone to friends or family (I hope!) and thus minimized any serious repercussions and hopefully only succeeded in adding a smile or two.   This leads me to a website my sister brought to my attention.  I've been reading through it and it's been somewhat of a godsend these last few days in keeping my spirits up. (I actually found myself laughing out lout at the walk-in clinic on Saturday because of it!)  Check it out for a guffaw or two:
Here are a couple examples to hopefully peak your interest.  I hope you find this as entertaining as I do!  Enjoy!  (Just a heads up though, there is some explicit language in some of them on the website).