Saturday, 14 May 2011

Look What the Stork Brought in Challenge

So friends of mine from church had a baby girl last week!  They named her Sadie.  They already have two 11 year old twins.  This new one is a bit of an oopsy but still very welcomed and loved!  Their faces on Sunday were tired looking.  At that point Sadie was 5 days old and crying every night.  I remember those days.  My new little one had a bit of a mix up when it came to the days and nights but on the whole, she is a great eater and and great sleeper.  Especially now being almost 3.5 months old and sleeping up to 6 hours at night.  A couple times this week I actually had to wake her up after 6 hours in the middle of the night to make sure she was fed.  Having said that, this weeks challenge at Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog ( is "Look What the Stork Brought In".  I made a card to welcome the new baby and congratulate the family which I hope could land me some free stuff at  Here's the card.  The stamps are from a Darcie's Clear Stamp Set called, "On the Line".  The butterflies are a Martha Stewart Crafts classic butterfly punch.

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