Monday, 2 May 2011

Late Night Delirium and some Fuel for it!

So I can't sleep.  Late night feedings are a challenge.  But I'm up and surfing the web, checking Facebook and laughing myself silly at a posting I put on my BFF's wall the other day.
I meant to write "things" not "thongs".  Sooooo funny.  I tend to do this quite often.  Whether it be an actual typo or an autocorrect feature,  I find myself writing some unintentional, usually inappropriate but absolutely hilarious things to people.  Most of them I catch before incriminating myself but the odd one has managed to squeak by my vigorous proofread (above case in point).  Luckily, these have gone to friends or family (I hope!) and thus minimized any serious repercussions and hopefully only succeeded in adding a smile or two.   This leads me to a website my sister brought to my attention.  I've been reading through it and it's been somewhat of a godsend these last few days in keeping my spirits up. (I actually found myself laughing out lout at the walk-in clinic on Saturday because of it!)  Check it out for a guffaw or two:
Here are a couple examples to hopefully peak your interest.  I hope you find this as entertaining as I do!  Enjoy!  (Just a heads up though, there is some explicit language in some of them on the website).


  1. This is so funny! I'm trying to figure out how iPod came up with blowupdoll! Lmao right now. TFS!!!!

  2. toooo funny!!! and I imagine you laughing at them in public places which makes it even funnier ;)

  3. I'm glad my aneurism caused by your thong comment made your day! I'll be sending you my medical bills. ;D


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