Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

One thing I've discovered about having a baby in the middle of winter is that there is some SERIOUS cabin fever that develops.  You can't go for walks outside.  Just getting baby bundled up and yourself bundled up to get in the car and drive to a mall for a change of scenery almost isn't worth it with all the people sick with colds and all the winter gear you need to take off inside the mall and find a place to hold it all on the stroller....which BTW doesn't quite make it's way in the snow from car to the mall doors so well (we have 2 strollers, one that is basically the 4x4 SUV of strollers and but not so good maneuvering in small mall places and one that is definitely not snow worthy but perfect for getting around in the mall...just can't win).  Anyway, now that the snow is melted and the temperature is just won't stop raining!  AAAARGH!  At least I get time to scrapbook...but it really doesn't help with this post baby chubbs I've been carting around.  Yikes...I'm not the whiney type...this gloomy weather must be wearing on me!  Here are some layouts and a card or two that may bring some sunshine. :)

C1's First season of soccer.  Typical reaction-not much running or kicking...a whole lot of dancing and flower smelling.

My C2 lovin' her Grandma's sushi.

Here are couple of cards I made.  The first one I submitted to another Simon Says Stamp challenge  I actually didn't even realize this was posted on their blog until literally last night.  Pretty cool!

This card is a thank you card for a friend who sent an awesome care package to my home to help with the new baby, keeping the bigger girls occupied while we were all sick and hubby was away on business.  Thanks again Barker Family!

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  1. WOW what a fab creations, love all your scrapbooking and your cards are fab too.


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