Thursday, 28 April 2011

Reflections on a (yet another) Rainy Day

So it's raining...again.  The house is actually quiet (hopefully I didn't just jinx it!).  C1 is at school, C2 is hanging with my parents and C3 is sleeping in her playpen...although I do hear her stirring.  My home is definately not the tidiest house around.  As I look around I see TONNES of school paperwork piled up at the edge of the kitchen table and on top of the counter: kindergarten crafts, first grade crafts, homework sheets, newsletters, drawings made on napkins or restaurant paper table covers.  Most of which could probably be thrown out, some of which I just  cant bare to part with.  C2 is in JK and has been very much into drawing sweet little pictures of our family or pictures of just her holding a flower or surrounded by hearts.  Little pictures she then give to me or her daddy as "presents".  How can I possibly throw these away?...but wow is it ever piling up!  There's clean laundry waiting for me in the laundry room.  There is no problem getting laundry clean around is however, a problem getting it put away.  It usually just sits in a pile on the counter and I find myself fishing through it to get what I need.  Not the most efficient system but I find myself going to scrapbook or play with my kids before folding and putting away laundry come filtering up my priority list.  I'll apologize for the messy house...but I won't apologize for my priorities!  (I read that on a FB page and it is soooo true!) It really does however, make me yearn for a "stop time" button.  I can't believe my littlest one is already 3 months old (as of yesterday!).  Sometimes I can't even fathom how my mommy must feel when she looks at her little girl (me) with her own 3 little girls.  Mother's day is approaching.  My oldest told me that she can't wait until Mother's Day becuase she gets to make stuff for me!  Love that she loves that! *sigh*.  Makes me feel totally blessed to be surrounded by all this wonderfully lovey-family-mushy-gooeyness.  Here are some layouts I made to support this!


  1. My fave is your parent's- they always look so cute and that page just emphasized it!

    ...and the one with my kids is damn awesome too!;D



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