Monday, 19 November 2012

HOLY COW Has it been that long?!

Hey All,

Yes, It seems the time has gone in a blink of an eye.  My last post was quite a few months ago!  But I've turned a new leaf (a few of them actually) and hopefully time will be found for doing the things I love most!...and sharing them with you!  For starters I've been asked to be a guest designer for a couple of local scrapbook stores. (YAY!).  Please check out my posts over there for some inspiration and maybe a few creative tips! and feel free to drop a line or two!
The Learning Factory
A little sneak peek to the project over at the Learning Factory.

The Scrapping Bug
A little sneak peek at the project over at The Scrapping Bug.


  1. Hey, Lizzie!

    You're crazy--not wanting to sleep. Clearly, you were not born with my stroke of laziness. I am perfectly happy cuddling up in bed for hours at a time (ALONE!!). 'Tis my favourite activity :)

    I must say, your lack of sleep must do something for your creativity. You have so much of it!!! Conversely, I am creative, but not in this way. I would be awful at scrapbooking, accomplishing nothing more than an unsightly mess, on and off the page. But I am always happy to see artwork--it's lovely!!!!

  2. both cards are really fabulous. Love the colour in first and the cute penguin and snow texture in the 2nd if great...


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