Friday, 15 February 2013

Another Card to Die for!

Hey All!

I'm a wee bit behind on posting my creations from the rest of the Clean and Simple Cards 2 awesome classes.  But I'd like to share something that I put together for this past lovey dovey day inspired by the folks over at The Greeting Farm and their Farm Fresh Friday Challenge.  This week the challenge is using dies in your cards.  Like I said before.  I love this combo!  For this card I used a Spellbinders Labels die to make the window.  This card is called a "swing" card since the window panel swings around for the surprise inside.  I used Hero Arts stamps for the background and the sentiments.  The front heart sticker label is from Making Memories and the adorable stamp on the inside is from The Greeting Farm.  I can't tell you how many of these stamps I have and I love each and every one.  Each personality is adorable and totally relevent to people in my life.  Love it!

On a side note.  Here's my little story for today.  The other day I went to the clinic to get some bloodwork done.  I got there around 10am and the waiting room was packed!  I took a number and sat down.  I was number 21.  They had just called 8.  Ugh!  I did, however, come prepared and began to take out my crocheting and continued to work on a hat I was making for the wonderful group of ladies I volunteer with ("Hats of To Liz").  A sweet mentally challenged woman sat next to me wearing head phones and I could hear her music blaring through them.  After a few minutes she leaned over and said (in a rather loud voice for her surroundings), "That hat looks great.  I wish I could do that."  I looked over at her a little startled at her volume and motioned for her to take off the headphones.  She complied and smiled and then continued to speak at an elevated volume.  "Did you see that lady in the corner over there?  She has really big hands."  I smiled politely, suppressed the laugh that stirred in my belly and in a lower voice I answered sincerely, "I didn't notice."  I looked at her as she said this and she smiled a really big sweet smile and replied, "I bet she gives really great hugs!"  That was the best response.  I certainly hope that lady in the corner heard her!


  1. What a great the shape too..

    Hugs Blankina

  2. How cool is that!! Wow, I love it! Thanks for joining the TGF challenge!


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