Monday, 28 November 2011

Tag....You're It!!

What a weekend it has been!  Once of those seems so busy but nothing got done kind of weekends!  It's the first week of Advent and our weekend plan was to put up the Christmas Tree and decorations.  The girls were really looking forward to it!  As it turned out, my best friend was up for the weekend from New Jersey and we made a point to spend some time with them!  Yesterday we took the car in for service.  We have a Honda mini van and a Mini Cooper S Clubman as our family vehicles.  Unfortunately, there are 5 people in our family now (we bought the Mini Cooper when there was only 4 of us) and so we can't all fit in the Mini at the same time.  This rarely is an issue but this weekend, it actually was.  There was no way to take the van to the shop and then have us all pile in the the other car to run errands (or go home).  We ended up all going to the shop together, having lunch at a nearby Kelsey's restaurant (that we walked to) and then killing time in the waiting room with the big girls playing on the iPad or my iPhone and the baby asleep in the stroller.  By the time the car was ready it was about 3pm.  We were having dinner at the grandparents so that pretty much completed our day.  I got some awful tummy ache after dinner and it lingered until today...feeling a little better today...but no tree or decorations are up.  At least the outside Christmas lights are on.
I also made some headway on Christmas cards this weekend.  One of which qualifies as an entry to this weeks Simon Says Stamp Challenge.  It's all about tags...and here is my contribution.  Hoping I can be so lucky this week!


  1. Woooo very clever !

    Thank you for joining us at Simon Says Challenge this week


    Jo xx

  2. Wow! I've never seen a tag tree before - I love it!!! The embossed background looks great too!!

    Thanks SO much for entering the Simon Says Stamp Challenge!!!

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  3. Oh how cool is that! A tag tree! Love it!! So very creative!!

    Thank you very much for joining us this week at the Simon Says Stamp Challenge Blog!

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thanks so much for visiting and for the nice words. Made me smile!


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